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After careful consideration of the COVID-19 situation and discussions with the DHB & Ministry of Health we have decided to postpone Repco Beach Hop 20 until 25-29th November 2020. We hope that the virus pandemic will be more controlled over the next 8 months so we can celebrate our 20th year of this wonderful event. More details for entrants about how this will work will follow in due course, so please don’t throw away your entry packs in the meantime. We plan to roll everything over to these new dates including the prize vehicles, Ford Kiwi Rock’n’Roll Legends concert etc.

We have taken our time to evaluate the options and considered what is best for our community to make the right decision. Each and every major event has a different dynamic and people must try to understand what goes on behind the scenes when making critical decisions in very stressful circumstances. You simply can not compare one event to another.

First and foremost we treasure the town we live in and want to protect the people that live here and not put them at risk. We’ve been looking to central Government for leadership to guide us in making this decision. The announcement on Saturday that all travelers from overseas to New Zealand must have a compulsory 14 day self isolation period reinforced this decision, as our festival entertainment line up includes more than 20 people arriving from overseas to perform at the festival in various bands. This has wiped out our entertainment programme and, as Repco Beach Hop is a Rock’n’Roll Festival, this is a major component of what we are here to celebrate.

We appreciate the damaging effect on the economy both national and local and feel for the businesses that rely on the festival to survive. No doubt they’ve invested heavily in the event and we hope they will recover from this unforeseen hit. We are in exactly the same situation as we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, and long hours, into Repco Beach Hop 20. If we can’t recover this, then the future of the event is in serious jeopardy.

We have seen on social media that people are still coming to Whangamata regardless of the cancellation/postponement and we wish you safe travels. We can not stop you from coming, but PLEASE stay away from Whangamata if you have symptoms of COVID-19, or recently arrived in New Zealand from overseas. If you are unwell then please call Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contact your GP, including phoning ahead of your visit. If you are in Whangamata and become unwell please do not visit the Whangamata Medical Centre if you have these symptoms – call first the 0800 number first.

Thank you to the fabulous people who have supported us in making this important decision including our sponsors, Thames-Coromandel District Council, Ministry of Health, Waikato District Health Board and volunteers. Your response has been incredible which many people would never be aware of – YOU ALL ROCK!

On behalf of the Repco Beach Hop 20 Committee I wish you all the very best and hope you look after your health, your family, friends and community through this crisis.

Best regards,

Noddy Watts
Beach Hop Central

10 Questions About Repco Beach Hop 20.

1. Is Repco Beach Hop 20 cancelled?
No. We have decided to POSTPONE the event until 25-29th November 2020.

2.Why did you postpone the event?
Due to the COVID-19 world wide pandemic we feel that the health of our community is paramount. The Government announced on Saturday that anyone arriving in New Zealand from overseas must have a 14 day self isolation period. We have more than 20 entertainers arriving from overseas who will not be able to perform at the Festival. As Repco Beach Hop 20 is a Rock’n’Roll festival, we couldn’t continue without the entertainment.

3. Why did it take so long to make the decision?
In reality it didn’t. This situation has changed on a daily basis and even as of last Friday the Ministry of Health’s guidelines for mass gatherings hadn’t changed. Please understand that the organisation behind a festival of this magnitude is very complex with a number of key stakeholders, both financial and non financial whom we had to talk with. We took our time to evaluate the situation and make the right decision rather than a knee-jerk reaction.

4. We’ve booked and paid for our accommodation so we are still coming. Can anyone stop us?
Unless the Government places the country in lock down and restricts non essential travel then no one can stop you coming to Whangamata. However we ask that you stay home if you have any cold or flu symptoms or recently returned from overseas. Call the Healthline’s dedicated COVID-19 number 0800 358 5453 or contact your GP, including phoning ahead of your visit. If you are in Whangamata and become unwell please do not visit the Whangamata Medical Centre if you have these symptoms – call first the 0800 number first.

5.This must have a negative effect on the local economy?
Most definitely and we feel for the local businesses who have invested so much into this year’s event already. However we understand that people will still come and Easter is the following weekend, so they have the opportunity to offset some of their losses.

6. What about Beach Hop – how secure is your financial situation?
Like our local businesses, we have a lot at stake with over $100,000 of merchandise purchased for the Festival that we will try to sell to help reduce our loss. If we can do this, then we will survive.

7. Will Beach Hop Central be open 25-29th March?
No - we have decided to keep Beach Hop Central closed due to the pandemic.

8. What will the new Festival look like?
Basically we are replicating everything we had planned for 25th-29th March to 25th-29th November – the same format, entertainment, schedule etc.

9. We brought tickets to the Ford Kiwi Rock’n’Roll Legends concert – will the concert be rescheduled as well?
Yes – your ticket will be valid for the rescheduled shows on 26th November. We plan to have the same or similar line up however this will be confirmed ASAP. If you can't make these show then please email ben@flicket.co.nz to apply for a refund of your ticket BEFORE May 1st.

10. I have recently received my entrant pack – what do I do with it?
Do not lose it. Put it in a safe place that you can remember as your swing tags, vehicle decals etc will be valid for the event 25th-29th November.

Okay we lied – let’s have some more questions!

11. I have a Repco Beach Hop 20 Festival Program – what do I do with it?
Keep it - we will exchange it for a new Program at the postponed event 25th-29th November.

12. What about the major prize draws?
The major prize draws will be made from the new Programme which will be released in November with the draw taking place at Williamson Park (Ford Reserve) on Saturday 28th November. The vehicles will be locked away until then however we may take them to some events to promote the new festival dates.

13. What are your plans for 2021?
Repco Beach Hop 21 will still take place 24th – 28th March 2021 and as it’s our 21st we want to have a really big Rock’n’Roll party!

14. When will vehicle entry for Repco Beach 21 open?
Due to the postponement of Repco Beach Hop 20 we will open online vehicle entry at 7am on DECEMBER 1st 2020.

15. Is there anything we can do to help?
Yes – look after yourself, family and community. Follow the advice of the health and Government professionals. Stop spreading rumors, gossip and inaccurate information – we’ve seen some absolute rubbish in the social media and even a deliberate attempt to sabotage the event which is now in the hands of the Police.


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Repco Beach Hop 21 will be 24-28th March 2021

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