What is the Beach Hop?
The Beach Hop is New Zealand’s number 1 Nostalgia Festival that celebrates the best of the 50’s & 60’s. It is NOT a “Hip Hop” festival!

When is REPCO Beach Hop 2020?
This year's event has been postponed to Wednesday Nov 25th to Sunday Nov 29th 2020

Where is the Beach Hop?
The Beach Hop is held in the beautiful seaside resort of Whangamata on the Paradise Coast, Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand

What does it cost to come to the Beach Hop?
Entry to the festival is FREE for the general public although they are strongly encouraged to purchase a festival program for just $5.

Can I apply to bring my car to the Beach Hop?
Yes – any car made BEFORE 1972 can apply to come to Repco Beach Hop 20. Later model USA cars MAY apply to register however entry is at our discretion and our decision is final and no further correspondence will be entered into. 

So can I just turn up with my car?
NO! - Pre-event registration is limited to 1000 cars. We will offer a Day Entry for Saturday Car Shows only. These cars are NOT able to enter ANY other organised activity including the Thundercruise and Grand Parade.

How do I enter my vehicle?
Car and bike entrants need to register and pay an entry fee BEFORE the festival. Entry opens right here on our website at 7am on Oct 1st. There are 2 types of 5 day event passes - Standard (from $80) & Ultimate (Single from $190 and Double from $290). The Ultimate Pass is limted to 300. We also have a Saturday Only Day Pass for the Repco Pre-49 Show or the Cool Classic Car Show - please note these do not include the Grand Parade on Saturday. Please note Repco Beach Hop 20 is SOLD OUT. Entry for Repco Beach Hop 21 will open tight here at 7am on Dec 1st 2020.

How do I win the major prize in the Programme Draw?
Festival Programmes are on sale for $5 during the festival and an entry form is enclosed inside. Entry forms must be completed correctly, a simple question answered, signed and dated and the competition terms and conditions agreed to. Entry forms must be placed into an official entry bin by 4pm Saturday 28th Nov 2020. Entry bins are located at selected locations around Whangamata - Beach Hop Central, Info Plus, Whanga Books and more. A draw will made after 4pm on Saturday 28th Nov 2020 at Williamson Park (Surf Club) and the winner MUST BE PRESENT to claim the prize. The winner will be invited to choose 1 prize from the prize pool - 1965 Ford Mustang, 2020 Harley-Davidson OR $10,000 cash.

What happens to the other 2 prizes from the Programme Draw?
One of the 2 remaining prizes will be auctioned after the programme draw on Saturday 28th Nov 2020, and the other given to a Repco Beach Hop 20 vehicle entrant in a draw made on Sunday 29th Nov 2020. The draw is made from the Repco Beach Hop 20 vehicle entrant's number which is also shown on their entrant swing tag. The winner must be present at the draw, Williamson Park (Surf Club) after 12pm Sunday 29th Nov 2020 and produce their entrant swing tag to claim the prize

Is there a Liquor Ban at Repco Beach Hop 20?
Yes. If you drink alcohol in ANY PUBLIC PLACE from 9am Wednesday 25th Nov 20 until 9am Monday 30th Nov 2020 you may be arrested. BE WARNED! However we will be providing restricted alcohol areas in the Main Street and some Reserves - please respect this priviledge.

Will there be a Police presence at Repco Beach Hop 20?
You bet! There will be over 100 Police on duty during the weekend. Plus security guards. We work very closely with the Police to ensure it is a safe family event and have talked about the level of Policing which we agree with.

Will I lose my car if I do a skid or burnout at the Festival?
Most certainly. Our marshals will be armed with disposable cameras to take photos of any vehicle driving in a dangerous manner. The cameras will be handed to the Police who will confiscate any car caught on film. Any Repco Beach Hop 20 entrant caught doing a skid will be banned from this and future events.

Does my car need a WOF or Rego to enter the Beach Hop?
Yes - all cars must have a legal registration and WOF. The Police have requested that we check all vehicles to ensure they are roadworthy. This due to the small minority of vehicles that have caused problems for the Police in the past – they did not have a rego/wof. 

Do I have to wear a motorcylcle helmet at the Beach Hop?
Yes on all open roads. The only exception is during the Grand Parade from the Surf Club into the parking spot in the Town Centre when helmets may be carried. Helmets MUST be worn at all other times.

Is there any accommodation left in Whangamata?
All motels, hotels, apartments and motor camps are fully booked. We suggest you contact a local real estate business such as First National Whangamata to rent a holiday home.

Can I have a trade stall at the Beach Hop?
If you would like to apply for a stalll at the 3 day NZ Petrolhead Vintage Market then send us an email to register your interest by clicking here

We also have sites available for the “Nostalgia Fair” held on Sunday 29th Nov – send us an email to register your interest by clicking here.

We do NOT accept FOOD or COFFEE VENDORS as we restrict these to local community groups.